Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"Steam bot" with a Raspberry Pi and Telegram

In truth this isn't a bot. What my script does is only:
  • looking on the steam market
  • taking the price of the selected item
  • sending a message on telegram if the price dropped

I've wrote my script in python (I'm a newbie if you find some error or a better way to do somethings write it in the comment) and I let it run 24/7 on my raspberry pi. I have a lot of things to improve,( e.g.  when I find a new currency and I must manually add it ecc) but for the moment is almost usable ;)

What you need:

What you have to do:

First of all you must install the telegram API.
  1. Download my script with: git clone https://github.com/mallocnode/steambot.git
  2. take your bot token and copy it in message_sender.py
  3. in message_sender.py you also have to change the chatid
  4. let it run with: python main.py list_of_link.txt price.txt
In the list_of_file.txt you'll find some link(you can delete it), just follow the same format if you want to monitor another item:
Steam, <item name>, <link>
That's all. If you have some problem write it in the comment!
p.s all the currency are converted in €

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